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SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher 6.1

Clean-up old photos, and remove watermark and other unwanted objects
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Unwanted objects, as well as scratches, stains, or spots, are blemishes that can ruin an otherwise perfect shot. SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher offers you a number of tools designed to make photo retouching and enhancing simpler than it usually is, thus making an otherwise tedious and highly specialized task suitable for all types of users.

Though object and dirt removal is the program’s main asset, this editing tool comes also with all the basic features required to crop, rotate, mirror, or resize an image. Besides, it offers a one-click auto correction function that will adjust the image’s brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, and gamma levels automatically and in one single operation. You can then customize the results by sharpening or softening the image just by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

But what makes this app stand out from the thousands of other image editors out there is its object removal functionality. Removing a simple scratch from a scanned photo requires patience, skills, and precision – and above all, time. Removing an entire human figure or a full building out of a picture is even harder and even more time-consuming. SoftOrbis Photo Retoucher tries to minimize the time required for the task without diminishing the precision and without requesting highly-specialized editing skills from the user. But the results – as it also happens in other less user-friendly tools – will largely depend on the state of the original picture, the elements that appear in it, the texture of the object to remove, and a number of other factors. One thing is certain – the more you automate certain processes, the higher the chances are of producing, at best, mixed results. SoftOrbis Photo Retoucher is no exception, and if the object to remove is clearly silhouetted against a clear flat background, the app will work to perfection. If that’s not the case, the auto-removal function will struggle to produce decent results. The amount of artifacts left behind may make things even worse.

Be it as it may, this app offers a functionality that is within the reach of nearly any potential user and that is usually – for most of them – too complicated to try. The program’s trial version is – for a change – a fully-functional one, so try it with confidence with your most intricate pictures and see if it fits your requirements or not. It works very well with old scratches and other artifacts, and will help you bring back to life all those vintage pictures you decided to digitize. It’ll surely save you time and money, and by combining its auto-removal function with its many retouching features, it may well be just the tool you need.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Does not require a steep learning curve
  • Automatic image correction tasks
  • Easy-to-use selection tools
  • Denoising and image correction capabilities


  • Scratch removal lacks precision
  • Object removal produces mix results
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